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West End United Baptist Church (WEUBC) is seeking a Senior Pastor



West End United Baptist Church is a multi-generational and multi-cultural church in the heart of Halifax, striving to love and serve both God and our community. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to all we do.



The duties of the Senior Pastor at WEBC are:

  • To provide spiritual leadership to the church;
  • To provide spiritual care and assistance to the members and adherents;
  • To take a leadership or leading role in the administration of the church;
  • To take a leadership or leading role in the guidance of the church;
  • To take a leadership or leading role in the planning for the future; and
  • To be accountable to the other leaders and congregation of the church through the Board of Deacons.


Note: In the items that follow, it is neither necessary nor desirable that the Senior Pastor personally perform all these duties. The Pastor is responsible for the proper execution of these duties.

  • Provide a preaching ministry which is balanced in terms of doctrine, principals of our Christian faith in knowledge of the Word, application of those principles to our daily lives, and commitment of the individuals to those principles those principals
  • Provide pastoral care for the congregation
  • Disciple and equip the congregation to train believers in the basics of the Christian life so that they may be assimilated into the congregation, grow, and reproduce in order to impact their homes, church, and community Community.
  • Provide leadership and direction for ministry, not only in its effectiveness but in the preparation of people to carry it out.
  • Provide administrative duties to ensure the ministry of the church runs smoothly.
  • Maintain a self-development program
    It is expected that the Senior Pastor will maintain their own personal spiritual life and appropriate home/personal/professional life balance.


  • Mutual accountability
  • Maintains a good working relationship with the other officers, boards and committees of the church.



It is recognized that the Senior Pastor is fallible, as are all people.  However, it is expected that the Senior Pastor will, insofar as anyone is able, lead an exemplary public and private life in all matters spiritual and temporal.



The Pastor must

  • be ordained and have a Master’s in Divinity, or the equivalent.
  • be willing to cooperate with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches Association, and
  • be willing to become accredited under the Association standards.

The candidate needs to have a minimum of 3 years experience as an associate or senior pastor in a church.


 Applications for the vacancy can be submitted at https://tinyurl.com/weubcsrpastor .

Contact us

1986 Preston Street
Halifax, NS B3H 3W2
Phone: (902) 422-6488
Email: office@westendbaptist.ca








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