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You're invited to attend West End Baptist's 2018 winter retreat taking place January 26-27 at Bayside Camp.

The theme for this year's retreat is Thrive, and sessions will focus on how, as a church, we can reach out to, engage, and retain young people. 

There is a new generation: Generation Z (ages 8-18). They are not leaving the church; they have simply never been in our churches to begin with. Therefore, the question we need to now be asking is: What must we do to reach and engage young people with the person and message of Jesus? 

Imaginative Hope from Atlantic Baptist Churches (CBAC) on Vimeo.

Guest speaker, Renee Embree, CBAC Director of Youth & Family Ministries, will be leading participants through discussions about 'Growing Young' and 'Imaginative Hope' and how we can make West End a welcoming place for Generation Z. Renee will be looking at 6 priorities:

  1. Unlock keychain leadership
  2. Empathize with today’s young people
  3. Take Jesus’ message seriously
  4. Fuel a warm community
  5. Prioritize young people (and families) everywhere
  6. Be the best neighbours
   Imaginative Hope logo  

In addition to the sessions with Renee, there will be activities and chances to connect with the West End Baptist family.

So, come be part of some important conversations. Connect with the West End community. Have some fun. We really hope to see you there.



Adult (staying overnight) $75
Adult (Saturday only) $40
Child (12yr & unders) $60
Child (Saturday only) $30
Family discount*: $250 (max.)

*Family registration is capped at $250 for families with multiple participants

To register for the conference, contact the Church Office.
NOTE: Transportation and financial support are available.



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